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Big Roar aims to provide unique property developments either through developer led investments or providing pre-launch or off-market access and can now offer a fantastic partnership with an East Midlands based finance broker specialising in property investment finance.


As property investors and landlords, ourselves, we understand the buy-to-let mortgage process and what the upside and downsides are to owning and renting property and can help you navigate through the product. 

We have extensive access to all the major buy-to-let mortgage lenders to assure you will have the flexibility to choose the right product for you. With this extensive access to the whole market and experience we can find the most suitable mortgage product for less conventional situations. With the buy-to-let market and the property market on a whole changing it is essential to get the correct advice.

Buy-to-let purchase

Buy-to-let purchase

Property portfolios

HMO’s & Multiple units

HMO’s & Multiple units

HMO’s & Multiple units


Holiday lettings is a recognised business by the Inland Revenue as it generates earned income, this differs to other forms of property letting such as buy-to-let which is instead classed as investment income.

However, with holiday lettings there are several valuable tax incentives for letting your property as a holiday let. Big Roar has numerous clients that have added holiday lets to their property portfolio and so understands the sector and are able to advise accordingly. The Big Roar financial team will be able to search the market for several lenders in this specific category helping you to receive the right mortgage for your needs.

Holiday let/home mortgages are often excluded from standard buy-to-let mortgage products and therefore can be harder to arrange, using a specialist holiday let mortgage broker will save you time and money. We know these specific lenders well and have worked with them with multiple clients, enabling us to guide you through the process and secure the mortgage you require.


Contact our specialist dedicated Finance Broker for any mortgage or financing queries for your next property investment.