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Our expansion into this market is in direct response to the growing demand for cryptocurrency property purchases at a time when widespread, global adoption of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins continues full steam. 

Fully compliant in all jurisdictions, we offer an end-to-end service in partnership with digital currency leaders and international and national developers in the UK and tax-free havens like Dubai and Belize.

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Fast, safe, secure and cheaper than traditional banking processes..

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Fully-managed, hands-off rental programmes to attain a balanced secure property investment portfolio.

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Transparent, hassle-free property transactions without the waiting around and endless paperwork.

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Multiple payment plans to suit all budgets, with properties from £75,000, to 50% mortgages.

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Our specialist team has over 50 years' experience and with you every step of the way..

Fully Compliant in all jurisdictions


Cryptocurrency is the future for worldwide property investing. Fast, safe, secure, and cheaper compared to traditional banking processes. With trusted payment gateways and legal frameworks in place, there is no doubt cryptocurrency is the future.


Multiple payment plans are available to suit all sorts of budgets with properties from £75,000 and up to 50%mortgages available on request.


Converting cryptocurrency into appreciating income-generating property has never been easier. There is no better time to cash in your cryptocurrency gains to attain a balanced secure property investment portfolio. We facilitate a fully managed hands-off rental programme for investors.


Speed of worldwide transaction are so much faster with cryptocurrency and cheaper compared to traditional Banking processes. Totally transparent and faster property transactions are here with cryptocurrency. No more waiting and endless paperwork either.

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We offer Crypto Payments across all our Hotspot Locations, Talk to a member of our team for more information.


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Crypto Property Investment Guide


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes is the answer, you can easily buy property in UAE especially. Because of the countries appetite for Innovation and growth. UAE has embraced and understood the importance of digital currencies. Dubai especially being innovative and head of the curve when it comes to early adaption. Digitalcurrency is here to stay and the likes of Dubai developers especially are fullyembracing it.

Dubai especially is fully aware of the payment process and has land departments that understand the payment gateways process that cryptocurrency buyers use they especially like it due to its ease and speed. So if you have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and you want to purchase property the methods of purchasing a property using an exchange such as bitcoin cash or Bitcoin Swiss. This provides you with a quick easy and secure payment gateway to purchase the property of your choice without the extensive paperwork and beurocrucey.

once you have fiated the money through one of the recognised and trusted payment gateways such as Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Swiss and converted it into the countries’ currency ie Dirhams, essentially you can treat it as a cash purchase. You may want to combine a part payment and a loan the choice is yours. Dubai developers usually offer great loan agreements of up to 50%of purchase price. 

A great place for savvy cryptocurrency investors would be Dubai due to the great tax incentives provided by the government. Dubai has a story to tell and they are encouraging investors from all over the world to follow their dream. It seems to be working! 

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