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How to increase the value of your property

Posted by bigroarltd on February 28, 2022

Many people hope to buy a house and get on the property ladder. Not only is it seen as a lifetime achievement, but it is also a financial investment. Therefore, homeowners need to consider what they can do to increase their house value over time if they plan to sell in the future. Regular mortgage repayments build up your house equity over a period. However, homeowners can look for other straightforward ways to increase their homes profitability through quality home improvements and other changes. 

Upgrade your home with popular finishes 

You can opt for small or large finishes that can improve buyer interest in your home. This could be a simple as having LED light bulbs replacing old yellow incandescent bulbs, which will brighten your rooms. Changing brass doorknobs to a more favourable material such as brushed nickel is another low-cost change that can make a difference. 

On the high-end side of improvements, you can install high-quality finishes, for example, quartz countertops in your kitchen instead of cheaper alternatives that do not encourage much interest. 

Install energy-saving home improvements 

With the public’s growing awareness of environmental issues, look for eco-friendly home improvements to boost buyer interest. Including features that offer energy saving capabilities will help lower the cost of your utility bills and will be attractive to buyers. For that reason, choose home appliances with low energy ratings. 

Maintain a well-landscaped garden 

A well-kept garden provides a great first impression to a potential buyer. Healthy looking grass and trimmed bushes and trees are a good minimum for a pleasant garden front. Additionally, your home’s exterior should be in good shape, adding further to the first impression. 

Renovate your kitchen and bathroom 

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the best places to invest your money. These areas are the most eye-catching to homebuyers, therefore, to create the strongest impression it is best to keep them up to date before you are ready to sell. Kitchens and bathrooms styles fall out popularity the fastest out of all rooms in your interior but are the most worthwhile in cementing a higher sale price. 

Expand the size of your home 

Make the most of all parts of your home, especially if there is unfinished basement or loft space, turning them into a bedroom can add to the square footage of your home. These renovations can be relatively low cost and create a boost in house value. 

Multiplying the square footage by a comparable rate for that type of home in your area is how most homes are priced, so the space utilised will improve your selling price. 

Apply a fresh layer of paint to any uneven places 

Simple and cost-effective, painting your house brightens the look of your home and improves its appeal. Painting over stains, scratches and old surfaces can renew the appearance of the interior, which can also increase the price of your listing when you want to sell. 

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