House Price Index – June 2020


The price of property being introduced into the market has steadily been on the rise. In particular we have been seeing a new national record for the price entering the market, with an average market value of £333,564, which is a third of one million pounds. This average value demonstrates a 1.8% increase in the value of properties entering the market compared to last month. This increase translates to roughly a £5,767 increase in value compared to last months’ new record.

Rightmove (2021), further contributes “While the level of new properties coming up for sale is at a similar level to the long-term average, demand continues to massively exceed supply, especially in northern regions. In previous market upturns London has generally led the way, but the capital’s rate of price increase since pre-lockdown March 2020 is now at a virtual standstill (+0.2%) compared to double digit price growth in areas further north.”

This increase in demands over the rate of supply can be shown in northern regions across the UK with Liverpool demonstrating the highest levels of growth in the UK property sector, displaying a promising investment opportunity for those wanting to invest in the most lucrative and emerging hotspot locations within the property sector. Other emerging markets offering prosperous advantages encompass: Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Northampton, Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle upon Tyne, Kingston upon Hull and Oxford.

So far Wales has been the fastest growing in terms of record prices for newly marketed properties, with an increase of 13%, shortly followed by North West displaying a +11.1% growth rate , and Yorkshire & The Humber at +10.5%. In regions outside of the South of England, the average increase is set at 9.7%, translating to an increase of £19,497. Yet, in London we are seeing an astonishing difference, with London standing at +0.2% (+£1,547). However, it is worth noting that within capital cities, the property market varies widely which could therefore equate to the low difference as varying areas rise in price with others remaining the same or dropping in price.

Evidently, buyer demand has increased rapidly with a +52% difference from April 2021 in comparison to April 2019 throughout the UK. Similarly, London displays strong levels reporting at a difference of +48%. “But it is the north that is seeing the greater imbalance between demand and supply and this is one of the main factors driving prices to new records in all regions except the capital. This supply shortage is particularly marked for typical family homes with three bedrooms or more, with available stock for sale on agents ’books in April down by an average of 50% on the same period in 2019. In contrast properties with two bedrooms or fewer have availability down by 24%.” (Right Move, 2021).

Conclusively, property investors looking to benefit from the greatest profits should look towards investing in the emerging hotspots aforementioned. Liverpool is leading the way and is becoming an incredibly profitable market for the property sector. The house price index is rapidly increasing with higher levels of demand in northern regions. Big Roar offer a plethora of investment opportunities within these northern regions to help create wealth for you. For the chance to find out about the many advantages of investing within these regions and to take a look at our property investment portfolio, please call 02039 823 259, or email, to get in touch with one of our highly experienced property sales consultants.

Big Roar is a boutique Property Investment company with a wealth of experience that offers high quality in demand investment opportunities in the UK and worldwide. The aim is to deliver unique property developments either through developer led investment or providing pre-launch or off-market access.

2021 has seen a period of great transformation and growth which has enabled our company to grow and diversify from the traditional property investment model allowing us to launch our Sub-Agent product – allowing individuals and companies to utilise our skills and experience to on sell our wide and diverse portfolio to their own networks and wider audiences.

Our focus is you. Each investment we launch is rigorously assessed by our in-house team of analysts’, and our Portfolio Management team monitor the progress of each project, updating both investors and the developers providing you with a truly hands-off investment experience.

Whether your requirements of new property or off-plan developments for resale of buy-to-let, or high yielding rental properties that will serve well in either the serviced accommodation, short-term or long-term let market, we have complete confidence and proven results to ensure you receive exceptional return on investment.

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